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1st October 2013
Knock, knock
Title of film: Converse
Director: Mary John Frank
Whether it's to get a foot in the door or simply to make something great for their reels - these three spectauclar spec spots need airing

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Converse, directed by Mary John Frank

Durex, directed by Charlotte Rabate

Zico, directed by Abu Bakr Shawky



Directed  & choreographed by Mary John Frank.

Inspired by visual artist, Paulo Salvagione.

Cinematography by Jake Saner.

Music by Matt Entwistle, Adam Chimera, and Tim Lavigne.

Danced by Frankie Fernandes, Catherine Kirk, Hiroki Ichinose, Ross Katen, Scott Stampone, and Rachael Hoppock.


Written and Directed by Charlotte Rabate

Director of Photography: Thrinnanon Samrej

Produced by: Chananun Chotrungroj

*This is a speculative ad and is not part of the Durex marketing department*

Assistant Director: Zack Schamberg

Stylist: Lola Vilal

Production Designer: Eva Tusquets

Make-up/Hair: Ciara Griffin

1st AC: Bobby Arnold

Key Grip: Federico Taddei

Gaffer: Tanatad Pruktaveesub



Zico Commercial, Water From Another World

Writer/Director: Abu Bakr Shawky

with: Fatima Ptacek, Greg Abbey, Kai Martin

DP: Zack Schamberg

Producer: Colin Whitlow

Production Designer: Laura Moss

Editor: Abu Bakr Shawky

Special Effects: Ahmed Soliman

Music: Karim Douaidy