12th August 2013
Visual gags
Title of film: Mercedes Benz Trucks, Cargo directed by Daniel Soro and Alexandre Chalabi, Piloto
Who needs words when you can express the message with strong filmic ideas? Here's four of our recent favourites

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Mercedes Benz Trucks, Cargo directed by Daniel Soro and Alexandre Chalabi, Piloto

McDonald’s, Meditation directed by Xavier Mairesse, Wanda

Etch, Kol Kid directed by Tom Feiler, Code Film

Trident Total, Traffic Police directed by Alejandro Carreño, Los Notarios


Mercedes Benz Trucks, Cargo

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil

Executive Creative Director: Marco Versolato

Creative Directors: Wilson Mateos, Luciano Lincoln

Copywriter: Alexandre Catarino

Art Direction: Daniel Ottoni

Agency Producer: Gilberto Pires / Gibinha

Production Company: Piloto Cinema e TV

Directors: Daniel Soro, Alexandre Chalabi

Sound: Raw Áudio

Sound Design: Hilton Raw, Fernando Forni

Post Production: Equipe Piloto

Animation and composition: Rafael Antonelli


McDonald’s, Meditation

Director: Xavier Mairesse

Production Company: Wanda, Paris


Etch: Kol Kid

Advertising Agency: Tribal Worldwide, Toronto

Managing Director: Andrew McCartney

Creative Directors: Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Denise Rossetto

Copywriters: Sanya Grujicic, Tiffany Chung

Art Director: Andrew Bernardi

Agency Producer: Andrew Schultze

Strategy: Lisa Hart, Dino Demopoulos

Production Company: Code Film

Director: Tom Feiler

Director of Photography: Alan Lukatela

Cameraman: Andrew Easson, Michael Tung

Sound: Shawn Kirkby

Line Producer: Magda Czyz

Post-Production Company: School Editing

Editor: Kyle McNair

Online Editor: Paul Binney

Colourist: Jason Zukowski

Audio House: Pirate Toronto

Audio House Director: Stephanie Pigott

Audio House Engineer: Jared Kuemper

Casting Agency: Andrew Hayes, Powerhouse Casting


Trident Total, Traffic Police

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Bogota, Colombia

Chief Creative Director: Juan Pablo Navas

Creative Directors: Juan Carlos González, Margarita Olivar

Director: Alejandro Carreño

Production company: Los Notarios

Producer: Nathalie Burnside

Production manager: Juan Pablo Bernal

Post-production: Dr. Pepe

Sound production: Laika Studio