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24th June 2013
Stomping showcase
Title of film: Raw Data
Director: Jake Fried
1.4's pick from the Saatchis New Directors Show highlights the stellar talent of animation and vfx. And if you didn't catch the other films first time round on 1.4 we link them below

Roll through Related Content for:

Raw Data directed and animated by Jake Fried

Nosaj Thing, Eclipse/Blue directed by Daito Manabe, The Creators Project

White Doves, Young Empires directed by Miles Jay, Vision Film Co & FamilyStyle. See interactive version

No One Remains Virgin, 獅子胯下, Under the Lion Crotch by Mr WongPing Animation Laboratory

Grand Theft Auto: RISE directed by Gevorg Karensky. See behind the scenes, VFX breakdown.

Keys N Krates, Treat Me Right directed by Ohji Inoue

Here are the others we loved which we have shown on 1.4:

Alpines, Lights directed by Ryan Hope

Biting Elbows, Bad Motherfucker directed by Ilya Naishuller

Childline, It Follows Me Around directed by Ben Liam Jones, Mustard

Agent Provocateur, Fleurs du Mal directed by Justin Anderson, Epoch

Yu Miyashita, Mimic directed by Lucio Arese

Antony and the Johnsons, Cut the World directed by Nabil (See in Related Content)

Brats, Liars directed by Ian Cheng (See in Related Content)


Raw Data

Directed and animated by Jake Fried


Nosaj Thing, Eclipse/Blue

Director: Daito Manabe, The Creators Project

Artist: Takcom

Choreographer: Mikiko


White Doves, Young Empires

Co-Production Companies: Vision Film Co & FamilyStyle
Director: Miles Jay
Executive Producers: Geoff McLean, Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
Exec /Line Producer: Liz Dussault
Director, Digital: Derek Blais
Cinematographer: Max Chin
Art Direction: Zazu Myers & Drew Lint
2nd Unit Camera: Jonathan Eagan
2nd Unit Producer: Natalie Rae Robison

Editing Company: Relish

Editor: Chris Murphy

VFX Company: 567vfx
VFX Supervisor and Lead Compositor: Patrick Coffey
Compositors: Justin Lee, Mike Moray, Rodney Dow
CG fire simulation: Allan McKay
Match Move: Lev Bravo, Marcus Alqueres
Executive Producer / Producer: Lucy O’Neill
Production Coordinator: Gerard Goco

Colour Timing: Alter Ego

Colourist: Wade Odlum

Digital Design and Production Agency: Jam3
Creative Director: Adrian Belina
Producer: Media Ridha
Developer: Nick Poisson
Developer: Sunil John
Motion Tracking Animator: Guillaume Pageau

Company: Apollo Studios
Producer: Didier Tovel
Assistant: Harry Knazan


Grand Theft Auto: RISE

Director: Gevorg Karensky
Producer: Cathy Peng
Co-Producer: Romson Niega
Written By: Gevorg Karensky / Nate Eggert
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl
Bridge Scene Cinematographer: Kyle Murphy
Production Designer: Denis Ogorodov
Editor: Howard Heard
Sound Designer: Matthew Wilcock
Original Score by: Matthew Wilcock/ Aleah Morrison/ Dave Lee

Niko Bellic: Josh Feinman
Phone Thief: Andrew McGuinnes
Shooter: Ben Barrett
Bodyguard: Cameron McHarg
Stunt Coordinators: Joe Ross, Eric Linden

Visual Effects Supervisor: Gevorg Karensky

UI & Motion Graphics: James Kim
Matchmoving Artists: Flavio Bianchi
Animation Artists: Riccardo Giuggioli, Joao Rosa
Rigging & Simulation: Roberto Ciriaco
Dynamics Artists: Attila Zalyani, Gavin Whelan
LIghting Artists: Dimitri Dillmann, Bastian Hascht
Compositing Artists: Johan Romero, Gresham Lochner,  Joao Rosa,
Deanna Davies, Djordje Tox Milasinovic, Alvaro Zendejas, Gevorg Karensky
Color Grading by: Greg White, Gevorg Karensky


Keys N Krates, Treat Me Right

Directed by Ohji

Produced by Amos LeBlanc

Animation assistance from Jeremy Bondy