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20th May 2013
Digital distraction
Title of film: Hello Again, Get Back
Director: Eliot Rausch
Production Company: Rausch Films
When Lincoln Motors asked Eliot Rausch to create a film that would interpret the notion of "Hello, Again" he drew on his own experience of working out love and life in a digital world

What are the key lessons about film making that you’ve learnt over the last couple of years, since winning the Vimeo director of the year?

Too much to talk about here. But very quickly. Film-making has been my teacher. It has revealed my insecurities. My character defects. It has taught me empathy and the importance of objective-ness. It has allowed me a forum to work out my own demons. It has shown me forgiveness. It has given me the ability to study the human experience in a more immersive and intimate way. It has revealed my selfishness and shown me how to serve and love more.

Do you feel there is going to be a backlash to modern man’s absorption with connecting on devices or will they just come even more part of the human interaction? Is it the message or the medium that is the attraction? Why do you feel Facebook and other networks have become more compelling than flesh-and-blood communication?

I’d like to quote a friend Chad Terpstra. On Facebook I had asked a similar question, searching for perspective.

“I liken the social media binge with America’s recent outbreak in obesity. We as humans crave fat & sugar most of all because it’s rare in the wild and useful for our survival. So we devised ways to make fat & sugar the easiest and cheapest things to consume. Then we got fat and unhealthy. We also crave relationships. So we devise ways to make them easier and cheaper to facilitate. It’s going to come down to the individual to regulate their media use and not get fat and unhealthy in character.”

What is your creative process? How do you evolve your ideas into narratives? And then do you collaborate with trusted crew?

It is always changing and different depending on the project, but the passion projects usually come from a personal tension in life. An answer or a solution I am trying to uncover, so that it will stick, deep within my heart. So that I may be healed or help heal a friend. It is personal, like working out an idea in a private sketch book. I am not surprised when a film fails because the ideas are never complete. It is only my intention to get closer to truth. I am surprised when others resonate with anything I create because it makes me feel less alone.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

“Get Back” was never supposed to be a film or an idea that was complete. It was an opportunity to turn the mirror on myself revealing the absurdity of how I was doing relationships. It was a way to put something on paper, so it was concrete, no longer floating in my head. So I could get back to loving my wife.

Lincoln Motor Company / Vimeo, Hello Again, Get Back   Produced by The Lincoln Motor Company Production Co: Rausch Films Writer / Director / Editor: Eliot Rausch Producer: Todd Dana DOP: Erik Koretz Assistant Camera: Will Mayer Gaffer: Edward Salerno Composer: Adam Taylor Location Scout: Jeff McSpadden