1st March 2013
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: ‪Passion Pit‪ - Carried Away
Director: Alex and Ben Brewer
Production Company: Prettybird
It's a real feeeeeel good selection this week... there's not one street fight, well not major anyway. Roll through Related Content and be truly uplifted

Passion Pit‪, Carried Away directed by Brewer, Prettybird

David Bowie, The Stars (Are Out Tonight) directed by Floria Sigismondi, Black Dog

Darwin Deez, You Can’t Be My Girl directed by Keith Schofield, Caviar Content

The weeknd [28] *nsfw directed by Nabil, A+ / Academy Films

Bat for Lashes, Lilies directed by Peter Sluszka, Hornet

Riff Raff, Drive Thru directed by Kenneth Cappello, rep by Lark Creative


Passion Pit‪, Carried Away

 Director: Brewer

Production Company: Prettybird

Executive Producer: Candice Ouaknine

Head of Production: Tracy Hauser

Producer: Braxton Pope

Prod Supervisor: Kevin McMhan

Assistant Production Supervisor: Drew Adams

Director/Editor: Alex and Ben Brewer

Post Production 3D Text Animation: Zak Stoltz

1st AD: Maytal Zchut

Cinematographer: Ben Richardson


David Bowie, The Stars (Are Out Tonight)   

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Prod co: Black Dog Films

Executive Producer: Coleen Haynes

Producer: Oualid Mouaness

DOP: Jeff Cronenweth

Art Director: Adam Davis

Costume: Jerry Stafford

Editor: Jarrett Fijal

Music Video Commissioner: Bryan Younce


Darwin Deez, You Can’t Be My Girl 

Director: Keith Schofield

Production company: Caviar Content


The weeknd [28] *nsfw  

Director: NABIL

Producer: Liz Kessler @ A+ / Academy Films

DoP: Matyas Erdely

Editor: Isaac Hagy

Production designer: Carmen Dima

Color: Paul Harrison, Finish.tv

Post: Judy @ Finish.tv


Bat for Lashes, Lilies


Director: Peter Sluszka

Production Company: Hornet Inc.

Executive Producer: Michael Feder

Head of Production: Greg Bedard

Producers: Cathy Kwan & Joel Kretschman

Editor: Anita Chao

Director of Photography: Ivan Abel

1st AC: Rommel Genciana

Steadicam Operator: Brandon Sumner

VTR: Jon Osterman

Animators: Peter Sluszka, Maxwell Sorenson


Riff Raff, Drive Thru  

Director: Kenneth Cappello

DP: Alfred Broadbent