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17th December 2012
Art ‘n Seoul
Title of film: Made by Humans / Hyundai Vision Hall, South Korea / Hyundai Motor Group
Director: Universal Everything
Universal Everything's stunning series of sculptural films for Hyundai's gallery. We ask digital artist Matt Pyke to explain the project

We were invited by the top management of Hyundai as media artists, to develop a long term programme of digital artworks. Our outside perspective of the company forms fresh ways of looking at their processes, leading to a series of abstract films, with only subtle hints of automotive and construction details. The abstract, logo-less approach was taken to ensure every viewer found their own interpretations.

At the start, we spent time inside Hyundai, to learn about the inner workings of the company. A seven-day tour of South Korea’s steel foundries, ship yards, wind tunnels, industrial design studios, crash test labs and test tracks led to the subjects, materials and concepts behind the films.

The videos are played continuously in the Hyundai Vision Hall, a purpose built video gallery space on the Hyundai campus outside of Seoul. A space that inspires leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to learn, rethink, and collaborate.

The screen measures 25m wide x 4m high – the films were produced at a highly detailed resolution of 16k, along with 36 channel surround sound.

We took the approach of using highly realistic CGI processes, usually reserved for cinematic visual effects. This led to a series of ‘video sculptures’ using tactile, believable materials. We retained the black background and perspective to turn the screen into a stage, the action feels integral to the architecture – performing in the space in front of the audience.

Our underlying approach is to play with powerful technologies. To give digital forms a heart – by bringing life and a human presence to abstract materials, you create a deeper empathic connection with the viewer. This emotional approach to data, products and communications sits well with brands looking for a personal, life affirming connection to their audiences.

We all have graphic design backgrounds, so have a love and understanding of solving problems and designing for the context and the audience. Our artworks can be seen as honest ways of amplifying a brands voice. We are trusted with huge amounts of creative freedom, but this leads to the strongest outcome for everyone.

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Universal Everything


Video Wall for Hyundai Vision Hall using 3D, Choreography and Motion Capture 

by Chris Perry (Animation Director), Dylan Griffith (Creative Director), Matt Pyke (Creative Director), Realise (CGI) & Simon Pyke (Sound Designer)