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18th October 2012
New director: Bob Jeusette
Title of film: Sexy Coccinelle
Director: Bob Jeusette
New Belgian boy on the block gets picked up by OneSix7 in London. And check out his super good photography in Related Content too

Your film for Sexy Coccinelle portrays the complexities of youth, the aggression and jostling within a group. Did you write the narrative yourself, and did you draw on your own personal experiences and memories?

I’ve been inspired in part by my own experiences, I’ve always been intrigued by
people who have no respect for the rules or codes. I suppose it’s a way to regain my own ‘ignorance’ that I think I lost too young.

At the same time I love working on moving subjects and I think those kind of people always need to do things.

Tell us about the production – the tracking scenes are great … were there any major challenges, what did you shoot it on, did you operate the camera and did you edit it yourself?

Yes, I shot everything myself. Photography is really important for me. I wanted to do really shaky shots and dirty zooming that fit the tension in the film. At the same time it was challenging to have a constant photography-like framing which is what I always try to do when I shoot.

What is your favourite part of the film-making process?

I really love to direct people, and get the most spontaneous situations on camera.
I love the editing part also when you see that the thing I had in my head works, or being surprised when I see something new.

Please give us a potted resume of your background?

I quit school at 14, learned by myself by doing, failing, doing again. Now I’ve been working in fashion/ad photography/film for two years.

When did you first realise you wanted to direct?

When I was six and I was watching all the 90’s MTV music videos at my grandma’s house.

And now you’ve signed to OneSix7. Is there any particular genre – fashion, music videos – that you’d love to shoot? What would be your dream script? What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?

I would love to develop my own projects. I have lots of scripts and ideas that are sleeping somewhere on paper or in my head. Ideas for fashion, ads, music videos, all kinds of stuff.
My dream script would be something very real, spontaneous, annoying and surrealist at the same time. Like a story about a father whose son is stuck in a tree. Or why not a rap video for a fashion brand…with ponies.

My weakness would be my age. I’m young, I don’t know if it’s a strength or weakness. Right now it feels like a weakness.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you about film-making?

I think it was something like:

Just do it. You don’t always need a Steadicam or a shitty follow focus from ebay. Just have a gut feeling about what photography looks and feels like to tell the story properly.