29th June 2012
Six of the best… creative music videos
Title of film: Sigur Ros, Fjögur Píanó
Director: Alma Har’el
This month's mix of the wonderfully weird, the beautiful and damned, and lots of dysfunctional relationships which make us feel kind of normal

We could happily watch Sigur Rós perform in Icelandic church halls in woolly jumpers but Alma Har’el’s film, which she has written as well as directed, brings an entirely new filmic realm to the band’s tracks. The story of a man and a woman locked in a never ending cycle of addiction and desire, slowly losing their ability to separate themselves from each other, is the first in a series of music videos made by different film makers for the band’s album Valtari.

As for the rest of the line-up, well, it’s all there: Ninja and Terence Neale’s piece for Die Antwoord is so weird and so goddamn wonderful; Romain Gavras is at his molotov cocktail best; David Wilson fires up his technical wizardry; while The Mill’s Houmam Abdallah’s tries his hand at directing a beautiful colour project, and then there’s a fabulous French animation for C2C.

Roll of honour:

Sigur Rós, Fjögur Píanó, directed by Alma Har’el

Die Antwoord, Baby’s on Fire, directed by Ninja and Terence Neale

Jay Z & Kanye West, No Church In The Wild, directed by Romain Gavras

Passion Pit, Take A Walk, directed by David Wilson

Beirut, The Rip Tide, directed by Houmam Abdallah

C2C, The Beat, by Dai-Dai Tran