5th June 2012
Six of the best… creative music videos
Title of film: Scissor Sisters - Baby Come Home
Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Super cool animation, lust, heartache and murder too, a La Chapelle spectacular, and a dose of silliness, it's all here in our hot line-up

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Scissor Sisters, Baby Come Home, directed by Lorenzo Fonda

Blood Orange, I’m Sorry We Lied, directed by Abteen Bagheri

Florence and the Machine, Spectrum, directed by David La Chapelle

Thomas Dutronc, Turlututu, directed by Raphaël Frydman

Electric Guest, This Head I Hold, directed by Keith Schofield

Naive New Beaters, Jersey directed by Remy Cayuela


Scissor Sisters, Baby Come Home

Director: Lorenzo Fonda

Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment

Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde

DOP: Aaron Platt

Art Director: Luca Zamoc

Wardrobe Stylist: David Thomas

Video Comissioner: Dilly Gent

Editor: Isaac Hagy

 Animation, VFX & Editing: UVPhactory

Scott Sindorf, Damijan Saccio – Principal, Co-Founders

Lead Animator: Valentin Boschi

Animator: Manien Bastelica

Producer: Damijan Saccio


Blood Orange, I’m Sorry We Lied

Director: Abteen Bagheri // @abteen

Production company: Somesuch&co
DP: Isaac Bauman // @isaacbauman
Producer: Chris Black // @theblack
Production Manager: Leah Younesi
1st AC: Evan Scott
Key Grip: Megan Richardson
Jib Operator: Ryan Elliot
Stylist: Brooke Devard Smith
Makeup: Virginia White
PA’s: Ryan Tang, Kay Reghabi, Anthony Reese



Florence and the Machine,  Spectrum

Director: Davide LaChapelle

Production Company: HSI Productions

Exec producer: Kim Dellara

Producer: Ron Mohrhoff

DP: Simon Thirlaway

Production Designer: Marc Greville

Stylist: Aldene Johnson

Make Up: Christopher Ardoff

Choreographer: Johnny Byrne

Editor: Jarrett Fijal

Post Production: Ingenuity Engine

Label: Island Records

Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson


Thomas Dutronc, Turlututu

Production: Partizan, Paris

Director: Raphael Frydman

Producteur: Arthur Cantin

Chef Opérateur: Michel Taburiaux

Chef Décorateur: Alain Delgrange

Directeur de Production: Pierre Marie Dufour

Assistante Réalisation: Marie Le Grevellec

Montage: Edouard Mailaender @ Royal Post

Coloriste: Muriel Archambeau @ Royal Post

Post production: Matthias Weber et Stephane Bidault @ Autre Chose

SFX: Jean Antoine Lacolle @ Autre Chose

Make Up: Thomas Majorosi / assisté de Karine Marsac

Coiffure: Mathieu Capmarty

Styliste: Helene Leclerc

Chef de Projet Universal: Audrey Brisseau


Electric Guest, This Head I Hold

Director: Keith Schofield

Production company: Caviar, LA

Executive Producer:  Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlison

Producer: Luke Ricci

 DOP: Damian Acevedo
Production Designer: Drew Cookson
Editorial Company: Caviar, LA
Editor: Keith Schofield
Colorist: The Mill LA


Naive New Beaters, Jersey  

Director: Remy Cayuela

Writers: Esteban+Vinciguerra & Remy Cayuela

Dop: Martial Schmeltz

Editor: Edouard Mailaender

Label: Cinq7

Production company: Frenzy paris

Post-production: Circus

SFX: Jean Miel

Stylist: Bylitis Nicod