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27th February 2012
Wag tales
Title of film: Subaru, Camping
Director: Hoffman Brothers
Production Company: Harvest
The Hoffman Brothers' doggy quartet for Subaru

We read that you two began your directing career by filming your dog Bingo as kids with a video camera that your father had bought you. So what’s changed since then?

Bingo died and now we have our own camera.

How does the balance of power work when you’re filming? Do you have clearly defined separate roles or do you have turns at being captain?

Mark went to film school in Germany and has a very formal film background, and I studied theater and was an actor, so we definitely have our strengths, but at the same time we are brothers and can communicate telepathically or through uncomfortably clearing our throats.

We know the cliche about working with kids and animals – what were the major challenges of the Subaru production?

Getting the dogs to keep their paws on the wheel and stop checking their cell phones.

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Subaru Dog Tested


Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman

Executive Creative Director: Randy Hughes

Associate Creative Director: Ellie Anderson

Associate Creative Director: Michael Rogers

Group Creative Director: Brock Davis

Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer

Senior Content Producer: Freddie Richards


Production Company: harvest

Directors: The Hoffman Brothers

Executive Producer: Bonnie Goldfarb

Executive Producer/Head of Produciton: Rob Sexton

Producer: Billy Jones

Editorial Company: Drive Thru Editorial

Offline Editor: Mick Uzendoski

Assistant Editor: Nick Miller

Smoke/Online Artist: Derek Johnson

Flame Artist: Bob George

Executive Producer: Beth Wilson

Assistant Producer: Zack Whitley

Audio: BWN

Mixer: Carl White

Producer: Annie Sparrows