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5th February 2012
Pleix’s song-and-dance
Title of film: Heineken
Director: Pleix
Production Company: Stink
The party continues for Heineken

Yeee Haw, we’ve just received a lovely package in our inbox from one of our favourite French collectives, Pleix, and this stomping good film for Heineken leapt out. It was, apparently, as much fun to make as it looks with the choreographer David Leighton getting the dancers to step out of their normal routines with the hip hop dancers doing country style and tektonik – “a French-Belguim suburban weird dance totally alien to the English dancers”.

Because of post-production parameters the dancers had to improvise within a much smaller-sized stage, with one of them managing “an amazing improvisation show on a trampoline wearing an elephant outfit”.

The editing process, according to Pleix, was “sort of part of the choreography. It was a really precise and long-tempo embroidery which was done with the same energy as the shoot”.

Also you may recall we tried to tell you all about their fascinating exhibition, 2062 Back and Forth to the Future, at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris in March. But as we all know words are rarely as good as images for conveying how the pieces actually worked in the show so we’re really pleased Pleix has made a film of their exhibition which you can now see in Related Content.


Agency: Wieden&Kennedy Amsterdam
Creatives: Zach Watkins, Craig Williams
Production company: Stink
Exec producer: Edward Grann
Director: Pleix
Dop: Mattias Montero
Choreographer: David Leighton
Editor: Niel Smith from Workpost