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31st January 2012
Peace time at war
Title of film: Sleeping Soldiers
Director: Sebastian Meyer
Correspondent Sebastian Meyer's video poem

I shot this in Southern Kandahar in August 2010. I was on a 36 hour air assault with a US cavalry unit, making a short video for the Guardian. The unit was air dropped into an extremely remote area of Kandahar that sits on the edge of Registan Desert. I shot the footage of the soldiers sleeping in an abandoned school house where we’d stopped for the afternoon because it was so extremely hot. The unit occupied the building and while some soldiers kept watch, the rest slept for a few hours until the temperature dropped.

Do you work independently or with a crew? And when you’re shooting in places like Afghanistan what cameras and kit do you use?

I work independently and I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II.

What led you to shooting in heavy duty zones?
I think curiosity has driven me to work in dangerous places. I’ve grown up seeing lots of images of war and I was curious to see for myself.

Perhaps we’re not meant to know this, but didn’t you go to ballet school?
Hahaha. I didn’t actually go to ballet school, but I had a minor in contemporary dance in college. My major was French literature.

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