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4th January 2012
Hasta la vista baby
Title of film: Las Palmas
Director: Johannes Nyholm
Johannes Nyholm releases full-length Las Palmas starring his daughter and marionettes

How did the idea and narrative for Las Palmas come about?

Originally I thought of making a humble  documentary about my one year old daughter. Then the idea grew, but it’s still kind of a documentary.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to happen but my daughter was of course impossible to direct, and did what she wanted. I gradually changed the plot based on her whims.

It was more of a process of non-directing. It always turned out much better and more natural when she did what she wanted so I stepped back and let her do her own thing.

Do you think she will forgive you when she’s 17?

I think she has already forgiven me,  we were playing and had a pretty good time.

You work independently but do you have a team of supporters and puppeteers?

There have been some people that I’ve been working with on many of my projects, but since my work often differs from film to film, in techniques and concept, I often have to find new talents for each project.