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Zheqiang Zhang


In collaboration with Unreal, join us on an experiential journey to explore the new Pseudonym universe—in film, in game, and in 360° VR. Whichever format you choose, our world is yours.

Zheqiang (Jacques) ZHANG is the founder of Danish interdisciplinary art and design studio, Pseudonym. His diverse background and multicultural experiences intimately influence his body of work. Utilizing photogrammetry, 3D modeling and machine learning alongside traditional visual media, Jacques creates immersive experiences (often imbued with humor and story) that challenge our perceptions of physical and virtual reality. His work has been shown at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and in 2021 won “Best Experimental Fashion Film” at Milan Fashion Film Festival. His work in fashion design won him the 2018 Euro Fashion Award and have been shown during Copenhagen, Paris, and Berlin Fashion Week.