Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Ubisoft, Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Frenzy Paris

Three weeks for production prep between Paris and Sao Paulo (where the director is based); four shootings days in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains, in western Ukraine where there are absolutely no film production infrastructure at all, just huge wild forests, dirty roads and bad transports connections. We had to provide accommodation for 150 crew members and more than 20 trucks brought the costumes, props, equipment, etc. & in a location 12h drive from Kiev. This results in an intense and immersive four-minute film, all-guns-blazing, dropping the viewer into the depths of a forest where the elite US special operations forces called “the Ghosts” is being hunted by a dark military squad attempting to destroy them. A survival into the darkness of a wild island…

Brazilian director Vellas likes to tell spectacular stories, powerful and steeped in emotion, in a cinematographic style. Former creative agency and strong experience in animation, he naturally turned to his primary vocation: film direction.