On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial

It's Not Pizza

TOURIST - Mitch Green, Louis English

Film Graphics

Tourist are Mitch and Louis, an award-winning Director and DP duo. Friends since high school art class, they soon stopped competing for grades and decided to collaborate. Mitch and Louis dropped out of film school and started up in a bedroom somewhere in Sydney in 2015. They can’t remember exactly where. Tourist quickly established a reputation making work centred around real human stories. Their visual style pairs a contemporary, immersive sensibility with classic cinematic imagery and a razor sharp cutting style. They work as a creative team from inception to final delivery, meaning they have an unrivalled shorthand on set, where Mitch wears the Directors hat and Louis that of DOP. Their work for Crust Pizza picked up a coveted spot in the 2020 SHOOT New Director’s Showcase and awards and recognition at Ad Stars, AWARD and Immortals. They have applied their recognisable style to various categories including tourism, automotive, sport, music and everything in between.