On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Tom Ringsby, Alewya

Intergalactic Studios

When you’ve got a truly original song and artist, the simplest concepts can really be the strongest. Alewya initially described a million feelings and themes incapsulated in this track, but she kept coming back to the animalistic, primal energy - the urge to sprint like a jaguar. I’d wanted to shoot in the Dungeness for ages, but needed the right idea and this felt perfect. We challenged ourselves to keep the viewer’s attention for the full track. Alewya even ended up recording extra vocals for the end so we could linger on that final long take, which we nailed just before the fog cleared.

Tom Ringsby is a character-focused director and photographer searching for the simplest version of every idea, script, song or person. His camera is always on the move and getting closer to the truth with every video. "Jagna" was a co-direction with the artist Alewya who's animalistic warrior spirit inspired the concept of relentlessly going forward.