Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Non Fiction
Shortlist - Short Film - Non Fiction

Boys Do Cry

Tom Campbell

Good Oil Films

The project told us what the film had to be. Simon had been working on the project for quite some time. It was his baby. When it was put on my desk, I jumped on it because it had that rare mix of everything you really want to do. It was a beautiful, really important message that really resonated with me and it was a creative opportunity in that the agency was asking, “How do you see it, what would you like to do with it, go for it.” Through a lot of conversation with Simon and the team, we came to the idea of paring it back and trying to keep it really subtle and very simple, to allow the message of the lyrics to take centre stage. I knew it couldn’t be overly sentimental and couldn’t be too earnest because there is a fine line between something that cuts through and something that’s over the top.

Tom’s work effortlessly straddles the worlds of commercials, narrative, and documentary. His photographic eye and screenwriter's sensibility enables him to extract moving performances from non-actors and trained professionals alike. He has directed campaigns for Samsung, Bank of Melbourne, Dairy Farmers, Boody and the Dylan Alcott Foundation. His short film “The Bends” premiered at MIFF in 2021 and was AACTA nominated in the same year. Campbell's direction of the charitable campaign 'Boys Do Cry' awarded him 'Best In Show' at the 2022 MADC awards.