On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Cheap Electric Pink Wool - 01G

Tom & Theo

Hungry Man

The budget for this was so low that we couldn't afford any other crew but ourselves. Thankfully, Theo is already an excellent cinematographer, but that left Tom having to focus pull a 90-second shot, as well as grip a flatbed dolly on a circular track. Tom's not already excellent at either of those jobs, and to say things came off the rails at one point would be literally accurate. We also edited this video ourselves, landing on a process whereby one of us does one edit, then the other takes over and makes changes, and then we pass it back and forth until we end up with our locked cut. After that, we were very grateful for the creative/technical muscle that Daniel Prothero (animator), Nick Dalby (colourist), Jon Hartman (typographer), and Scott Ryan (Flame Op) lent us, not to mention the performing talents of Cheap Electric Pink Wool themselves, Ryan and Nikki.

Tom & Theo are filmmaking brothers. "01G" is their first music video. They are currently working on a short documentary with support from the BFI, Doc Society, the National Lottery, and Mountainfilm.