Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Non Fiction

Void, One Year of Silence

Tom Andrew, Sam Davis


Bringing awareness to mental health and to raising funds for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). If you can, please donate here VOID was a concept born amid the past twelve months, while time stood still. We wanted to represent this feeling of paralysis that had integrated itself into our lives. We were drawn towards the distance we were feeling from the alchemy and escapism of the dance floor. Clubs, currently empty, contain an atmosphere that's searching for the love and togetherness they once held, while also carrying a restrained potential to create the same again... We wanted to capture this, while bringing an honest vision of the present, suspended between these two worlds.

Tom’s photographic and filmmaking style looks to bend visual reality into the surreal, as he sets out to grasp a deeper understanding of a subject. Lighting design plays a pivotal role in Tom’s work, favouring the unconventional in order to create the unique style he is known for. His work is striking a chord within the music and fashion industries, with clients not only booking him for his style, but also his creative vision. In all of Tom’s work he follows his own ethos, in creating imagery that carries “a visual sound”. Tom shoots for many respected brands, record labels, recording artists and publications, as well as investing a great deal of time in his personal work. Sam started his career creating documentaries - mainly focussing forgotten communities around the world. Sam’s first doc featured the Roma, a nomadic group which are heavily persecuted around the globe. The film was premiered on Dazed and Confused and went on to receive an accumulative 1 million views. Recently, Sam has incorporated a more experimental style in his filmmaking, with his work now striking a balance between the seriousness of documentary and the open, creative freedom of the music video world, resulting in unique thought provoking work.