Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

It's Time To Pay Easy

Tiny Bullet


The first line of the agency brief was, ‘Sometimes when you slam your hand on the table and yell “Goddammit!” you can feel like the whole world is doing the exact same thing. That’s what we want people to feel on this new spot for GoCart. The world is frustrated and it's time to fix it.’ Seconds before I had been trying to find the last lamppost in a security recapture question – I was hooked.

Daughter of a signwriter to first promo for BBC at 16; BBC to broadcast designer; broadcast designer to creative head; creative head to backpacker; backpacker to Oz; Oz to commercials director; commercials director to NY Times “most watchable commercial”; NY Times to London; London to Soho; Soho to International Women's Day; International Women's Day to 6 million views - and the love of creating moving images continues!