In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

Zukunft, Reflections (Of The Soul)

Taha Ismail


Description: “Zukunft: Reflections (Of The Soul)" is an experimental musical film, produced in collaboration with the Berlin electronic trio GHEIST, featuring the title track from their upcoming debut album 'Zukunft'. Concept: In his constant battle within, a man comes to terms with himself upon reflection. Idea: The film is an abstract exploration of the battle within oneself - using movement as a form of expression to journey towards self-realization, accompanied by the healing power of music.

Taha Ismail is a Writer/Director from Dhaka, Bangladesh - now based in London. Being passionate about the visual arts from a young age, he started his filmmaking journey at the age of 15. Taha's work revolves around the world of narrative film, music & fashion; His work explores storytelling from a deeply personal space blending reality and fiction - and has been featured on BBC, Omeleto, BOOOOOOOM &1.4 amongst others.