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Sébastien Pins

Alchimie Productions

“ I want to lead a team around a common work to build a meaningful project, that is my vow as a director. To reach that goal I devoted myself to let know and praise the work of these men who contributed to the health and safety of our forests throughout the centuries. I dare think that my images will allow each viewer to feel all the emotion of that symbiosis between man, animal and forest" Sébastien Pins

Sébastien Pins, born on 30th March 1990, is a child from a village in the Belgian Condroz, well-known in his region. It’s in his hometown Marchin that he discovers photography for the first time, winning as an 8-year-old his first awards in different photography contests. After his high school graduation, his professional choice brings him to Louvain-la-Neuve, in the pursuit of cinematographic studies at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. Right at the start of his studies, he understands that the power of the sound and the images of his films can move his audience to become actors of preservation of nature and biodiversity. During his studies, in 2012, Pins directs the short film “My forest”, which is selected in over a hundred festivals around the globe, and gets awarded dozens of prizes, including by the UN in Istanbul at the “Forum on Forest”. In 2014, he directs the short-film “A Passion of Gold and Fire”, telling the story of a beekeeper fearing for the future of his apiary school. This tribute to the beekeeper becomes a worldwide success, and the film is selected in over 200 festivals, including prestigious Oscar-nominating festivals! Awarded dozens of times, it also gets an award by UNESCO. After his graduation in 2015, Sébastien Pins starts the shoot of the short film “Traces” about the story of one the last horse loggers. His objective is to spread the word about this profession, and to give the horse loggers the praise they deserve for contributing to the health and preservation of our forests. “Traces represents the whole emotional symbiosis between man, animal, and forest. This film, completed in 2019, also knows a resounding success in the biggest festivals about environment. Selected in over a hundred of those festivals, and this even during a pandemic crisis, it competes against films produced by Netflix and National Geographic, and it wins dozens of awards. In 2016, he starts the shoot of another short film called “When the swallows fly away”, telling the tragedy lived by a couple of old farmers in Condroz. The director does indeed love to show the inhabitants of his village, as he considers that the most beautiful stories happen right next to where you live! Through this film, he shows the importance in intergenerational links, and what it brings to all generations involved. The films finishes post-production at the start of 2021. In 2019, Pins also receives the honor to be awarded for his work by the International Cooperation for European Development and Solidarity. His work is supported by the UNO, and emblematic celebrities like Hubert Reeves, Marion Cotillard, Frédéric Back, Ségolène Royal, and Thierry Machado. But Sébastien Pins doesn’t stop there! He’s looking for financial investment for his first feature film.