In The Making, Longlist - Music Video


Sebas Coto


After seeing a perfomance of “Agüita” in a COLORS Session, Gabriel got a DM from Sebas Coto in Costa Rica with an amazing concept for the lyric video for the song. They came together to make a new piece showcasing the spirit of Agüita, Colombia, and the imaginarium of Latin American Barrios.

Sebas Coto is a music video director, creative director, editor, post producer, motion designer and above all, a lemon pie enthusiast. . Co-Founder of nine, a creative production company based in the tropical SJO, Costa Rica, Sebas has the facility to see a wide range of visuals through sound and music, which together with his training as an editor and post-producer, gave him the possibility of having a very unique visual rhythm perception, inspired by the images of his birthplace in Costa Rica. Sebas always wants to try to find new interesting ways to tell stories.