Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Impatience Is A Virtue



All the personalities that feature in the film are stubborn in their pursuit for meaningful change. What was important was to communicate their sense of urgency, but also that they might not take conventional routes to success. We bookended the film with Jaden Smith, highlighting his mission to take clean water to the masses with his organization 501CThree, his personal mission being an important one given that its uniqueness compared to more conventional ideas of success. Jaden’s sense of impatience is a common trait amongst New Balance’s roster of talent, and is also representative of young millenials so it was important to feature a variety of interpretations of “impatience”, whether that be a female sprinter lining up with the boys or a street dancer in Beijing anxious to upload her routine to D’ouyin. These types of inviting campaigns don’t come around often, so it’s been a great experience and challenge collaborating with an understanding agency team who despite crafting a global campaign were confined to their New York apartments, and a great team of collaborators who brilliantly ensured a consistency of look and aesthetic across all of the different countries and cities in which we filmed.

Sashinski studied at the same film school as filmmaking legends Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee (Tisch @ NYU) and you know what he learnt? That film school is an “elitist, expensive waste of time”. Sashinki is a champion for getting out there and making films. Learning, experimenting, ever-evolving. Born to an Iranian mother and an Indian father and London bred, Sashinski grew up watching classic films with his Persian grandmother. From Gone With The Wind to Casablanca to The Godfather. Next he read the screenplays – reverse engineering the films just as a mechanic takes a car apart and puts it back together. That is how they do it, right? It’s this film-make-it-yourself attitude that keeps Sashinski fresh, intuitive and instinctual. He strives to be completely present on set – watching what’s unfolding in the moment, giving the subject his undivided attention. This clarity and connection means his films are by nature profoundly heartfelt, emotionally charged and always led by narrative. His films are emotive and engaging, pulling the audience into the worlds of every individual character. Never one to blindly follow the latest filmmaking trend, he strives to find the very best approach and aesthetic to serve each story. Nothing looks cool for coolness sake. Whether short film, commercial or music video, Sashinski strives to let the subject be seen, allowing the audience intimacy with them, in a stunningly cinematic approach. And when he’s not hunting for the next story to tell, Sashinski is an active member of POCC, Sporas and Free The Work or out on a walk with Pablo, his long-haired chihuahua.