Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Keep It Real Online, Pornography

Sam Stuchbury

Motion Sickness

It’s 2020 and kids are spending more time online than ever. Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, internet usage shot up 40 percent in New Zealand, while the Ministry of Education worked to increase student’s online access at home to facilitate remote learning. This meant kids were spending even more time online than they already were, and often unsupervised. And as we’ve known for a long time, the internet isn’t always the most child-friendly place in the world. The New Zealand Government recognised the issue, and set out to create a public service campaign that would empower NZ’s parents to tackle the dangers of the internet head on, and ultimately prevent and address online harm amongst children and youth within Aotearoa. We’re talking online safety, IRL. The internet is complex, ever-changing, and seemingly out of our control. This can leave parents feeling overwhelmed, and powerless. We wanted our message to hit home. So, we literally brought it to parents’ doorsteps. Whether it was Albie, the groomer who knows how to dab, or the scantily clad pornstars Sue and Derek, we showed parents confronted directly with their worst online nightmare - and importantly, showed them how to handle it like a boss - cool, calm, and collected. Using New Zealand humour at its core to get noticed we made a stir. The video amassed more that 35 million views online in seven weeks sparking a global conversation about pornography.

Sam Stuchbury, 30, is founder and film director of multi-award-winning advertising agency Motion Sickness. Sam and his agency use strategy grounded in consumer culture to get brands noticed and change behaviour. Directing for clients such as The New Zealand Government, Les Mills, Icebreaker, and Zuru Edge, the agency is truly making a name for itself. After humble beginnings in a poorly-insulated student flat in Dunedin, Motion Sickness has gained national and international recognition for their unique creative work and campaigns. Sam uses quintessentially New Zealand humour and relatability to cut through in his direction. Sam is based in Auckland New Zealand.