On The Cusp, Longlist - Branded

EA SPORTS, FIFA Global Series 21

Rauri Cantelo

The Mill

Rauri’s commercial debut: Made over 30 individual video briefs to send out to players and gamers (talent) Each player shot themselves, either from home or a controlled studio whilst following safety guidelines. An ever-changing script, due to player availabilities we had to continue to work new material into the edit right up until the week before the delivery. Had to tie in footage from a variety of devices, some 4k 60fps studio footage alongside HD phone footage - had to be flexible and reactive with our design to ensure all footage sat comfortably alongside one another in the final edit. Shot the entire film with myself as every character in my flat to plot out the timings and compositions - also meant we then had a relatively accurate offline to send out to our talent to mimic. It helped give them an indication on how quickly they should deliver VO lines (such as pronunciations and inflections etc.), along with specific notes on types of lenses to use, camera angles, and camera movements. Due to the nature of the narrative, with multiple rabbit holes needing to be capture in order to physically pull, drop and whip our viewer around the world, we had to make sure that specific moments were captured with precision. For example with Ruud Gullit, to get the pull out of his mouth from gameplay we had to ensure he was happy to essentially eat his phone for us to get the shot - luckily he was up for trying out a few options, had he not been it would’ve been back to the drawing board and we may have found ourselves coming out of his ear.

Having worked as a photographer, editor and cinematographer for artists such as Ashnikko, IAMDDB, Plan B, Novelist & Paloma Faith, Rauri began to slowly immerse himself deeper into the music industry. With a passion for merging design and live action, it only felt natural for him to combine his skills and take the next step into directing. Having recently delivered ‘comeback’ projects for the likes of Ella Henderson and Foxes, Rauri uses his wide set of skills and his keen eye to bring projects to life, by experimenting across multiple mediums, often incorporating stills into his work to form mind-bending collages.