On The Cusp, Longlist - Branded

Vogue, Melting For You

Stella Asia Consonni

Object & Animal

Melting for You is a piece that highlights the environmental threat of fast fashion. From the toxic dyes used in manufacturing to landfill caused by unsold items, fast fashion is playing a significant role in climate change, rise of sea levels and pollution. As a creative working in fashion, I feel partially responsible for the constant imagery that is put out there instigating unconscious consumerism and its effect on our planet. With this project, coming to life through the words of Sophie Leseberg Smith and the voice of Sunday, a 5 years old environmental activist from Hackney, east London, I aimed to motivate the viewer towards a more conscious buying habit. The piece has, at its core, a message. There is power in a small gesture, something that seems insignificant but can actually have a big impact. It is our duty to take action - we owe this to our planet and future generations.