On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial

Vectronom, Release Campaign

Pedro Lacerda-Talarico

Perausfilm & Co.

The core of Vectronom’s game design is to analogue how a music synthesiser works internally, in where two modules, when unified, make a new variation in the sonority evolving the music to its next level; in each of the phase of the game the player needs to unify two dots in a puzzle, making they go to a more intricate phase, and the music evolve to a more complex sonority. For the release campaign the clients wanted to bring this idea to a live action set up, in which the players could be seen as musicians of an electronic music band playing all together and having fun. Furthermore, they wanted to include all the essential game features into the narrative by actually creating different modules of the synthesiser that represented each of the them.

Pedro Lacerda-Talarico is a Chilean-Brazilian film director and video artist. In 2018 he obtained his Master degree at the Internationale Filmschule Köln in Cologne, Germany, where he studied digital media with Nanna Heidenreich. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in film by practice at the London Film School (full-scholarship awarded). His works have been screened at the FILE Festival (São Paulo), Santiago International Film Festival (Santiago de Chile), Images Festival (Toronto), WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw), NYC Indie Film Festival (New York), and at the Museum of Visual Arts MAVI (Santiago de Chile), among others. In 2020 he was nominated for best experimental music video at the Berlin Music Video Awards. He has participated in group exhibitions as well as film festivals in Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, the United States, Andorra, Germany, France and Poland. He has also directed commissioned films as the music video No Place Like Gnome, for the Canadian tech-house duo BLOND:ISH, and more recently the release campaign films for the Vectronom video game (ARTE France) for its release on PC and Nintendo Switch. He currently lives and works in London.