On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown

Running Through Life

Craig Bingham

Dadbod films

A celebration of my Mum's relationship with horses, reflecting on the growth of our family and life itself. Craig says: “What started off as a phone conversation during lockdown with my Mum turned into the backbone of a short. Whilst chatting to her I never quite realised the sacrifices she made for us when we were growing up. I guess as children we never do. Animals have always been a big part of my life growing up on the farm. Mum and Dad were hard workers and still are today. From goats to jersey cows, all our animals held special characters. Me and my brothers earned our pocket money through mucking out the stables. But I never fully appreciated the special innate connection my Mum has with her horses”

Craig grew up drawing inspiration from his surroundings in Yorkshire. His career started as a portrait photographer, which through character study then led him into the world of documentaries where he found his feet as a film maker. His visual approach to storytelling has led him into the world of commercials and branded content for brands such as Panavision and the RAF.