On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

The Pray

Mykhaylo Zvegintsev


This story is a reflexion about a woman who doesn’t belong here. She just can't take what's around her anymore, and her system, as if in self-preservation, shuts her down over and over again. She has no more interest in family, home and a husband who forces her to get treatment and church rituals. In the end she escapes, but we manipulate the viewer by playing in the territory of "normality and its facets," presenting everything more mystically and turning the ending into a scary fairy tale.

Mykhaylo Zvegintsev, born in April 1987, is Ukrainian filmmaker. After years of working as creative in advertising agencies over Europe, he began to work as commercial director, shooting ads and social campaigns. Now studying directing in DFFB, Berlin.