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Nettie Hurley

Stink Films / Stink Rising

UK filmmaker Netti Hurley “seeks to sensitively and truthfully share the stories of her generation,” casting calm and Violet, a couple who are both artists and activists sharing their joy of love and passion for equality through art. Georgia Moot, a proactive voice for mental health and BIPOC communities features alongside, celebrating how movement helps her retain balance and wellbeing.

Netti Hurley is British director and photographer whose documentary style accompanies her subjects on experiences outside of the conventional ideas of beauty and normality. Her empathetic lens moves past the curtained edge of society and its taboos by surfacing a tender realism and unpatronizing humour. These explorations result in beautifully intimate portraits that are deeply human in their vulnerability. Netti's approach is uniform across all her work as she uses the camera to reveal elements of her subject to themselves and the audience, seemingly in real time.