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Monde Gumede

The Rudeboy Collective

In honour of September 28th, the day celebrating Universal Access to Information, I was commissioned by Wikipedia to make a film that spoke to what knowledge meant to me. my colleagues and I set out to make a film that considered the rampant and at times consequentially dangerous ways misinformation is spread on private messaging groups in South Africa. We used the civil unrest which erupted in Durban, South Africa a few months back as a lens though which we considered the dark and often deadly consequences of what suburbia calls being vigilant. The start of the unrest was sparked by the arrest of former president Zuma but ultimately fuelled by unrelenting economic pressure on South Africa's unemployed and working classes further exasperated by the pandemic. We became interested in the way media outlets ranging from the BBC to VICE to News 24 depicted the incident as a lawless uprising by criminals. They hinted at SA's wealth inequality crisis(the biggest Gini coefficient in the world) but made no mention to the growing population of conservative (Often Ex Apartheid military) private citizens who retreated to satellite towns after SA's democratic election in 94' and now used messaging platforms to rally like minded individuals to violence even making blatant calls for murder. "Shoot to Kill" The film offers no answers but rather urges viewers to consider the information they consume and spread more carefully and to interrogate everything because as we've learned time and again, the stories we tell become our reality...

Monde is a Durban raised filmmaker who's spent a few years cutting his teeth in LA before moving home to chase his first feature film in Johannesburg. Monde’s approach puts story-telling at the forefront and leans on genre, medium and style to tell age-old stories through contemporary lenses, all the while nudging each project a breath further than the last. Above all else, Monde is most interested in writing and directing complex contemporary, afro-global stories and treats each endeavour as such. He’s excited to find his feet at a moment where African artists are articulating their stories as they see fit, taking themselves as seriously, or playfully as they want. what a time.