Flying High, Longlist - Branded, Commercial


Martin Krejci

Ruffian / Iconoclast

Homecoming videos of soldiers have dominated the internet for years. When we see our troops coming back home safe and sound from war zones, it’s hard to hold back the tears. Our soldiers fight to defend our freedom and way of life. They are truly the foundation of our free society. Sadly, there is a dangerous force that threatens our freedom and daily lives more than any threat abroad: gun violence. A force that turns American schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, concerts, houses of worship and so many other public places into war zones themselves. The result: To date, more Americans have died from gun violence than in military combat. We must stop standing idly by while more and more Americans are taken from their families because of gun violence. The time to act is now. That’s why we want to eliminate gun violence through both legislative and cultural change. Our first step to reaching that goal: obtaining a bill that requires universal background checks for every firearm sale.

Martin is a visual conductor who orchestrates many disciplines through his work, and pushes the possibilities of any given script. His keen curiosity and theatrical influences have allowed him to experiment, perfect and surprise us throughout his career – reminding us that film-making is truly an art form.