On The Cusp, Longlist - Dance
Shortlist - Dance

Togetherness Harmony

Ludovic Gontrand


Ludovic Gontrand: "Our main goal in prep was to offer the dancers the most playful and flawless experiences on set. The closest we can get to a rave party or a club atmosphere. We had a DJ and a real rave sound system on set so the dancers could dance 7 hours straight and start to feel in a state of trance."

Ludovic Gontrand turned to directing films just over a year ago. Being a former art director for Paris-based agency Sid Lee and now signed as a director at HAMLET, he explores both documentary work and music videos as well as commercial work. His short film "Legacy" , a study of his family about intergenerational transmission, was shortlisted for the Cannes Young Directors Awards 2022.