On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

I'd Rather Die Than Be Deported


Stink Films

"I am obsessed with obnoxious rap videos. In this freestyle, I wanted to create something that subverts the intimacy and vulnerability of Berwyn’s words with the fearlessness and ego that you would more likely expect from a rapper. I drove over the Dartford Crossing for the first time at 3am in the middle of lockdown when it was completely empty and it blew my mind. It’s epic and I couldn’t believe I’d never seen a video on here before (after delving deeper into the practicalities of this with production and the police... I can see why!). Regardless, I was set on making something sick. When I got sent I’d Rather Die everything clicked into place. We wanted to create a one shot freestyle with a twist... like the 017 freestyle which I made with Berwyn last year but much bigger. Without being too obvious - the connotations of crossing two masses of land, whilst so close to death by hanging out of the car, worked perfectly for the song. Even more coincidently, Berwyn actually grew up in Rainham which is the closest town to the bridge. It felt so close to home and was definitely meant to be. We wanted to carry on the story told in the 100,000,000 video I directed, so we used the same car and same styling, as if both videos unfold across the same night. It feels neat and I think it’s important that the viewer remembers that Berwyn’s homeless reality wasn’t a one night only thing, but a big part of his life. We spent A LOT of time figuring out the perfect car, route and camera to film Berwyn from. Tom English (who is my hero) and I spent long nights 3D animating our dream interactions between the cars so the precision drivers could watch it back and have the best possible chance of getting it right in the day. Also shoutout to Shea and Scarlett the producers who put in the work to make sure we’d get away with the shoot without having police take us down. To be honest - it was a pretty sketchy shoot. We couldn’t shut down the bridge so we had to act very Guerilla on the day and I had no idea how it would pan out as there were so many variables... traffic, weather, light, car frames... After about 15 laps of the bridge everything aligned and we got the shot!"

LOOSE is a UK based director and music strategist. LOOSE work is both familiar and experimental - capturing vibrant moments of unorthodox characters in exciting ways.