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Lindsey Ryan

Lost at Sea Films

During the height of COVID, I set out to make my debut short film Seasick. The short was shot as entirely exteriors and battled the elements of the open sea, shortened daylight hours of September, and much more. The film stars Pauline Chalamet and explores the potential anxieties that come with a teenager knowing they're gay, but not yet out. This isn't about a girl coming out and exploring her sexuality, it’s a story that highlights what it feels like to have this secret - wrapped in the all too relatable dread of a wrong text message. I hope this is a film every LGBTQ closeted teenager can relate to and encourage that baby steps are perfectly acceptable in your journey. This film was a Film Independent sponsored project and has gone on to win many awards (Best Director, Best LGBTQ Short, Best Actress at Indie Short Awards Lost Angeles, Best 1st Time Director at New York Film Awards, Best Drama at Montauk Film Festival and Best Actress at New York Indie Shorts Award)

Lindsey is a filmmaker born and raised on Long Island and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She started her freelance career at the early age of thirteen, where she interned as a camera PA on the MTV Show One Bad Choice. Her credits have since grown to include Oscar nominated documentaries, several network and streaming series, major brand commercials and several short form narrative productions. After graduating from Hofstra University with a BS in Film and Television, she began working for, and receiving mentorship from, critically acclaimed director Reed Morano. Lindsey is now directing commercials and developing narrative projects for a New York based production company, Rebel Motion.