On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown


Ken Rolston


We've been in lockdown in India from the end of March 2020. Being stuck at home was alright in the beginning but it got to me after a point. It was getting quite frustrating doing the same thing day in, day out. Wake up, brush my teeth, brekkie, cook, clean, binge watch, eat, bake, stare at the ceiling fan, sleep, repeat. It gave me an idea to make a lockdown film showcasing the different days of my lockdown all within the confines of my room from the POV of my ceiling fan. So, after a lot of R&D, I made a contraption where I tied my phone to the ceiling fan and made that spin! It made for an interesting DIY rig that captured the different days all within that room in a continuous circular motion with magic match cuts and some tricks. Hope y'all like this slo-mo trip I've made and maybe I could add some BTS for you guys later :)

I'm a director based out of Mumbai, India and have been directing for the past 4 odd years for various brands like BMW, Vodafone, Google, Nokia etc to name some. I really love working on films that have a story and deal with human emotions but dabble in style based films once in a way trying to insert some sort of interesting visual technique in them. A little history about myself. I've been raised in Qatar for most of my life and moved to India in my teens and was blown away by the contrast India has to offer. Films have been an integral part of my life growing up and that set the foundation for me. I'm formerly a business management student but I realised early on that a desk job is a no go for me and my interests was lying in film all along. Learning the ropes in advertising for so many years has now made me realise that I want to steer away from it and step into fiction which is the next big step which should happen in the coming year.