Flying High, Longlist - VFX


Javier Ideami


This exhibition is influenced by my personal journey of contemplation and curiosity about life, nature and the mysteries of the universe. I am interested in exploring the mystery of matter and form and understanding the distinctions between the imagined illusory space and real physical matter. As its title suggests, this exhibition relates to the fundamental principle of the totemism that there’s a shared spiritual relationship between humans and Mother Nature who must work together in order to sustain life. The calm, enigmatic face depicted in Chan’s sculpture is a mystical spirit, a form of totem that expresses the transcendental state of absolute oneness.”

Javier Ideami is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, creative director, engineer and entrepreneur, working at the intersection of technology and art. His creations, that encompass a wide range of areas, from digital art and fine art photography, to augmented reality, interactive technology, artificial intelligence, music, filmmaking and beyond, have won awards and been shown at institutions, festivals and galleries worldwide, from the Venice Biennale in Italy, to the Ranjina Palace in Croatia, Stanford University in USA, the United Nations FAO HQ, the financial centre of London, the International Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin and many others venues around the world.