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Love Song

This campaign tells the story of Team Amani, a group of cyclists from Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, trying to make their mark on the world of cycling. The only problem? Athletes there are often faced with near-insurmountable barriers: costly equipment, the distance to competitions in Europe and the US, and a lack of access to sponsors. This film tells the story of these young cyclists in their journey so far, and imagines a future in which the metaverse helps them level the playing field in real life. The turning point comes when the team is able to use remote racing platforms like Zwift to compete alongside some of the best cyclists from all over the world, right from their training facility in Masaka. Sharing their results and progress on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the team starts building a name for itself and draws attention from the cycling community. While the team surprises the cycling world and makes waves, they still have a bigger dream, to make it to the sport’s greatest stage: the Tour de France. What follows is a vision of a future metaverse beyond these cycling platforms that could give them access to sponsors, world-class coaches, the ability to compete anywhere, with anyone and ultimately realize their greatest ambitions.

ILLIMITEWORLD is a multifaceted audiovisual creative collective founded by directors Austion Taylor and Marleaux Desire. With no traditional upbringing in art, nor film school backgrounds, Aus and Marleaux create with the intention of breaking boundaries. Travelling between Baltimore, Los Angeles & Paris is how the collective’s taste in cinema was refined. From original pieces to entire creative rollouts for recording artists like Paris Texas & Uno Hype, Aus & Marleaux handled an array of projects. The two eventually stumbled into becoming the Creative Directors of record label / creative company HARDPINK. Records based in Los Angeles, California. “The world is yours'' is a mantra used by the group as a reminder that each artistic offering is a view into the world of their imaginations. Using an experimental combination of classical cinema, creative animation, and raw documentary style filmmaking, they share with viewers an avant-garde perspective of the modern world.