On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Joris Bacquet

"Floating through fantasized/futuristic Artificial intelligence's landscapes searching for Infinity. Infinity, what/who/where is it ?" Music video for "Infinity" - track composed by Azel Phara. All environments are made using Artificial Intelligence.

After studying fine arts in France, graduating from CGI school and then mastering the vfx space at companies such as BUF, joris organically moved into directing live action too. Bridging the space between his graphic, artistic and commercial worlds and making him what he is today as a director – Someone with strong visual aesthetic who uses a variety of mixed media – 2D / 3D / A.I / Animation / graphics / stylized design- to extend storytelling capabilities in the most dynamic way possible. Using all of the artistic apparatuses available as “tools and not finalities'', to create inspiring pieces of art that span multiple mediums.