Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Broken Melody

Iacopo Carapelli

C41 and Blackball

C41 and Blackball TV produced Caterina Barbieri's ‘Broken Melody’ first single off her new album ‘Spirit Exit’, directed by Iacopo Carapelli. The video shows a direct portal into her sound-world, constructed of elements that move simultaneously fast and slow, that at the same moment feel both massive like a force of nature, and intimate like a private conversation.

Born in 1990, in Milan, Iacopo Carapelli began showing a keen interest in visual language, particularly that of cinema, from a very young age. During his high school years, he formed a group made of young video-makers in which he experimented with different styles. He strongly believes in observation in the field as a way of learning and understanding the mechanisms, which is what led him to enter the world of video production soon after spending two years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He collaborated in the production of numerous commercials and soon became an advertising director himself, standing out for his distinctive visual language, which combines his spirit of observation with the search for a brutal, but nonetheless poetic, aesthetic.