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Badoo France, En vrai c’était bien

Florent Koziel

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By creating the series "En Vrai C’était Bien" for Badoo France, I was able to deepen my style while respecting the codes of the Badoo series. It was a real challenge! Through these four films, I wanted to film meeting people in a raw and intimate way. As close as possible to reality and showing naturally funny moments from real life. I am proud of the result and hope viewers can relate to the characters we have created.

"Prolific is probably what best defines Florent Koziel. At barely 26 years old, this new face of dialog comedy already has 2 short films to his credit with Golden Moustache, a brand content web-series for Badoo "En vrai c’était bien", another web-series for France TV Slash, and above all his successful self-produced web-series "Close-Up" whose Youtube channel of the same name is a real hit (200K subscribers and more than 80 M views, Premiere's favorite at the Marseille webfest). He is currently co-writing the adaptation of "Close-up" in long format series with Chi Fou Mi production."