Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Gaia, Sean Paul & ChildsPlay, BOCA

Francesco Calabrese

Think Cattleya

A strict college is the metaphor of society and the set for a story celebrating the fight for freedom of people of every possible sexual orientation. Most cast members are part of the LGBTQ+ community and were left free to express themself or not. The artist represents one of the few people able to escape the norms and find her place in the world as others only dream of it.

Francesco Calabrese has been interested in storytelling from a young age. He moved to LA from Milan to develop his short film Lovely Monster into a feature length film with LionsGate with brought a series of other projects and developments to he’s career. In addition to his successes on the narrative side with a number of shorts that gained worldwide attention, he has worked with a wide range of global agencies crafting visually driven commercials and well-received music videos for both Italian and international recording artists. While he’s shooting commercials all over the world he keeps busy developing feature film projects, writing scripts and shooting short films. Fun Fact: since 2012 Francesco has collected 6 Vimeo Staff Picks for four shorts and 3 music videos.