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Into The Arms of Sunshine

Craig Moore


I wanted to create a film that was relatable in an emotive sense, the movement a metaphor for the emotion that comes from being apart from someone special. During the pandemic, so many people were separated and forced to be apart for long amounts of time. Sitting and waiting to be back in each other's arms. Lovers, brothers, children, partners, friends - longing to be together again.

Craig Moore is an award winning director known for crafting brilliant lifestyle visuals with a striking and cinematic edge. His ability to think quickly and capture unique moments on camera has earned him a formidable reputation as a filmmaker. Born and raised in South Africa, he made a name for himself in London where his first music video commission won him a UKMVA, followed closely by a series of Brit Award nominations and other achievements that contributed to his early success. His move into advertising was organic, building a strong stable of performance-based work, underpinned by craft and the interpretation of evocative visuals with lustrous aesthetics. He is a confident and easy-going director who builds strong relationships with his subjects, from actors and dancers to international artists and high profile sports celebrities.