Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

The Weeknd, Take My Breath



CLIQUA, the Los Angeles born Mexican-American directing duo of Pasqual Gutiérrez and Raúl “RJ” Sanchez, is renowned for their enriching film textures laid over cinematic visuals and refined storytelling. Although the two were born and raised in Los Angeles county, they each followed a different path in production, which willfully led to their synchronic connection. The power of their partnership is that they each individually offer a fresh perspective to their creative approach. While Pasqual jump-started his film career developing a strong sense of narrative and storytelling through branded content and documentaries, Raúl was cultivating his creative eye for visual language and cinematography by directing music videos with local Los Angeles artists. Together, the duo began their career in 2018, primarily directing music videos in Latin music. But soon enough, they were partnering with artists across the genre spectrum. Over the past 3 years, CLIQUA has established their footing in music videos, directing videos for The Weeknd, ROSALÍA, Bad Bunny, and many others. In that same time, they began to establish themselves in advertising, directing notable commercial projects for Nike, Puma, adidas, and Hyundai. CLIQUA is based in Los Angeles, and currently working on their debut feature ‘Street Legal’, a film about street racing culture in Los Angeles.