Flying High, Longlist - Choreography

The First Day

Barnaby Roper

Uturn PH, Cadence Films, Catwizard Films

Sixty-three years ago today, Elizabeth Eckford was one of nine black students to further the civil rights movement by enrolling at the historically segregated Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. The historic images of her courageously walking through an enraged mob of white students, teachers and parents, have been burned into the collective consciousness of activists for equality around the world. The First Day, which was performed by Kendie Jones, is a dance interpretation of Eckford’s walk that day. Its monochrome aesthetic is an evocative nod towards the black-and-white images of Eckford's public ordeal, which was captured by press photographers and republished in papers internationally.

Barnaby’s work is at the crossroads of commercial creation and the fine arts. After coming out of Central Saint Martins in London, he has established himself as a director with the skill for combining creative techniques in post production and sound design. This has placed him at the forefront of many disciplines from interactive videos to visual installations and has allowed him to cross paths with other famous artists such as Kanye west, David bowie and Banks with innovative editorial projects and music videos. For his latest projects, Barnaby has chosen to point his camera towards questions about society and its systemic problems: letting America’s forgotten youth speak in «My America», and with an homage to Elizabeth Eckford and the Little Rock Nine in «The First Day». Furthermore, his talent has been noticed by several prestigious brands leading him to direct commercials for Hermès, Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Nike, l’Oréal, Hugo boss amongst others and more to come.