In The Making, Longlist - Lockdown

Something Seen

Alix Eve

Something Seen came about from an initial idea of exploring LGBTQ+ identifying folks expressing thoughts and opinions about subjects other than explicitly LGBTQ+ topics or issues on screen. I wanted to make something highly personal, about three individual's experiences of witnessing an event and how it made them feel. For me, the most powerful aspect of this film is the subtle underlying subtext about the characters own backgrounds, experiences and emotions that are hidden amongst the storytelling. I wrote these stories as monologues so that we could shoot this film socially distanced. Something Seen was made by a diverse cast and crew which is why it's important to me to champion everyone involved and why we decided we wanted to put a diversity statement at the end of the film to encourage the change we want to see in the film and TV industries.

I am a screenwriter and director, fiercely keen to amplify womxn, queer, non-binary and trans characters and their stories. I write short things and long things for big screens and small screens, sometimes screens aren’t involved at all. I predominantly write stories set in our real world, I like to walk the fine line between drama and comedy because to me, that’s real life. I make films that feature complex womxn characters, have a big interest in stories featuring the queer community and also enjoy exploring youth culture too.