Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Mental Health Foundation Denmark, Inner Demons

Ada Bligaard Søby


Battling anxiety and depression can be a terribly lonely experience, and even more so when everyone is isolated in their homes. In this spot, Mental Health Foundation Denmark and topmodel Lykke May Andersen promote free and anonymous help for those battling inner demons. Lykke May Andersen stars in the film that she has created with director Ada Bligaard Søby. In the film we give a very visual example of how an inner dialogue can sound when a person is suffering from anxiety and depression, and the viewer is told how important it can be to talk to someone in such a situation.

Ada Bligaard Søby is a Danish documentary filmmaker and director. She has studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York and Fatamorgana, the Danish School of Art Photography. She assisted fashion photographer Terry Richardson, while he was making the book Terryworld. After living in New York City for four years, she moved back to Denmark and became a member of the Copenhagen based filmmaker collective Super 16. She has shot documentaries for Nordic and International broadcasters in the US, China, Russia, Singapore, Finland and England, and has also crossed over into commercial work.