Ray Shaughnessy

Creative Director

Wieden + Kennedy London

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Ray is a creative director at Wieden + Kennedy London. She’s been at W+K for a long time and she’s ok with that. With her work partner, Dan Norris, she’s worked on a ton of stuff including Sainsbury’s, F1, Three, Lurpak, Tesco and some much underestimated Pizza Hut radio. If it matters, she was lucky that some of it got awarded.

Before that she worked at Karmarama where she came up with the endline ‘Meatylicious’ – they didn’t stick with it. Before she had ever even thought advertising was a job, she worked on art projects and other stuff. Before that she went to art school. Before that she never wrote in the third person.

When was the last time you felt truly alive and inspired, and what triggered it?
I co-run a creative crash course at W+K London called The Kennedys. Every single day for 5 months it blew my freaking mind that seven people could surprise themselves by what they were able to make and do in all of the ways; film, code, writing, design. It was a white-knuckle ride reminder that the well of creativity runs deeper than you ever dare think, so never stop having a go, never stop taking risks.